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The 2022 Yushan Forum: Asian Dialogue for Innovation and Progress, organized by the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF),serves as a platform for Asian regional dialogue and features the achievements of governmental and non-governmental cooperation between Taiwan and its neigoboring countries and like-minded partners. Harnessing the unique experiences and common visions of Taiwan for regional prosperity, the Forum aims to foster social connectivity for global leaders of partner countries based on innovation and progressive alongside promoting multifaceted regional linkages and strengthening partnerships through the New Southbound Policy (NSP).

With the world beginning to see some encouraging light at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the Yushan Forum is entering its sixth edition, exploring the theme of "Revitalizing, Reorienting, and Reconnecting.” The 2022 edition of Yushan Forum will continue to pay attention to issues such as resilience and sustainable cooperation between Taiwan and partner countries, while also focusing more pragmatically on the post pandemic recovery and development practice of the NSP partner countries. Through advancing the cross-sectoral synergy (that is public-private-people partnerships, P-P-P-P). Taiwan’s NSP has witnessed fruitful accomplishments in the past six years, which have received encouraging recognition of partners and like-minded countries.

The 2022 Yushan Forum will review the implementation and outcomes of the NSP with specific features of public-private-people partnerships (PPPP), while at the same time exploring how this model of partnership under the NSP can be enhanced to play a more crucial and versatile role in the post-pandemic agenda of “Revitalizing, Reorienting, and Reconnecting.” In addition, the dialogues during the forum will focus on the recovery and revitalization plans and expectations of Like-minded countries in the Indo-Pacific region.